Co-op Bank

Transforming the way we work

How do you mobilise colleagues on urgent cultural change – and track the impact?

The challenge

Following its departure from the Co-operative Group in 2013 in a storm of headlines about debt black holes and leadership misdemeanours, the Bank needed to confront the challenge of re-establishing the values that had historically distinguished it from its competitors. This business context created a real sense of urgency when the Bank came to us in 2014 to help transform its culture.

The solution

We worked in partnership with the Bank in 2014 to define and deliver a culture transformation programme. The first step was developing values and behaviours rooted in colleague insight. Leaders were challenged to reflect on how they practise values in their decision-making through a series of workshop roadshows. We also equipped leaders to share the values and their insights with their teams.

Following the campaign, we have tracked consistent and tangible improvements in culture through biannual measurement. A values index tracks message resonance and behavioural change among colleagues, focusing on a different value every six months to enable in-depth understanding of behaviours and challenges. Eighteen months after tracking began, Values Index positivity had risen by 30 points.