'Exchange' colleague voice insight

How do you give colleagues around the world a voice the business can genuinely listen and respond to?

The challenge

Following the financial crisis in 2008, banks came under significant public scrutiny and faced a more challenging regulatory environment. Distinguished banking brands around the world – like HSBC – were hit by reputational challenges through high-profile media coverage of internal practices.

In this context, HSBC wanted to create an open culture and give its colleagues – in a dispersed, global context – the opportunity to voice their views and raise their concerns while also encouraging active listening on the part of managers and leaders.

The solution

Part of genuine listening is allowing employees to set the agenda. Exchange is an open forum where HSBC employees can discuss any issues of interest or concern. These forums are an essential part of encouraging an open culture in the business.

Karian and Box analyses the thousands of comments that are recorded in Exchange meetings each quarter. Our expert researchers use sophisticated qualitative data software and methodology to turn mountains of colleague sentiment data into actionable insight.

One of the most important goals of this research is to enable leadership to take action on colleague feedback. Quantitative data from the business’s quarterly Snapshot research is used alongside Exchange to identify common trends and areas for targeted action. Exchange is helping to create a more empowered, open culture where colleagues can voice their views and resolve workplace issues on the ground.

Karian and Box don’t just solve the problem you’ve asked them to solve – they go one step further. They help me solve my problem by going beyond what I’ve asked them to do.

Emmajane Varley
Head of Employee Communications | HSBC Global Banking and Markets