Culture transformation journey and measurement insight

How do you transform business culture – and measure the impact?

The challenge

Major restructuring and leadership changes had left colleagues across Aviva uncertain about the future of the business and their place within it. But new CEO Mark Wilson had a dynamic strategy and a mandate to transform the culture of the business, addressing the legacies of the past.

The business needed to engage colleagues with the new strategic priorities and encourage the behaviours required to achieve them.

The solution

We wanted to offer Aviva colleagues at all levels the opportunity to have frank, evidence-based conversations about the new strategy and values.

To do this we designed a cultural transformation journey to facilitate strategic exploration. A global ‘Week of Conversations’ kick-started the discussion across the business, followed by a structured leadership workshop which enabled leaders to explore the strategy and values – encouraging frank discussions about the reality of achieving them. This experience was replicated for teams across the business through structured workshops focused on open discussion and commitments to action. The online hub ‘Explore Aviva’ enabled individuals to look over the strategy and values at their own pace. The hub integrated real-life colleague stories and vox pops, with infographic messaging, interactive polling and sharing functionality.

To track the progress of this culture transformation, we regularly survey a representative sample of 10,000 employees to gauge the impact of strategy and values engagement. Insight and recommendations from the research informs strategic, executive-level decision making and practical operational planning.