Anglo American

Ethical thinking and behaviour

How do you embed a new Code of Conduct in a major multinational
mining business?

The challenge

Within a challenging market context for the whole mining industry, Anglo American want to embed a new Code of Conduct that will ensure employees behave ethically and in line with the organisation’s values. The business needs to raise awareness and embed real behavioural change across a diverse employee population based on three continents and facing significant ongoing transformation.

The solution

When businesses face challenging market conditions, embedding ethical behaviour becomes even more important than in business-as-usual times; employees are under greater pressure to deliver operational targets, and the reputational stakes are higher for the organisation as a whole. To meet these challenges for Anglo American, we are developing a full engagement strategy and programme which speaks to the everyday experience of front-line employees. Combining senior stakeholder engagement, iconic leadership action, and efforts to embed ethics throughout the employee lifecycle, our approach uses a simple creative hook that captures the fundamental ethical messages for employees from radically diverse cultures.