Choosing the right employee listening platform: 10 ‘kick the tyre’ tests

Posted: 08-06-2021



Technology is revolutionising employee research. The pandemic has highlighted the need for flexibility and speed in listening to employees – and keeping a finger on the employee pulse is business critical.


But to truly unlock the power of employee listening and get under the skin of issues, you need an employee listening platform that can gather and extract feedback in a way that is insightful, measurable, and actionable – shiny new tech solutions with a great user experience are not enough. 

In this guide, we outline the ten key capabilities to assess when sourcing employee research and listening platforms – from ‘data output formats’ to ‘competitor benchmarking’ to ‘action planning solutions’ – and indicate red flags in the sales process to watch out for. We also share over 20 killer questions to quiz technology providers with, helping you give those tech tyres a thorough kicking before you sign on the dotted line.

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Choosing the right employee listening platform: 10 ‘kick the tyre’ tests
Ghassan Karian


Ghassan’s two latest guides provide organisations with actionable insights on The Great Resignation: analysing employee attrition data to find the truth behind the headlines and Organisational change: managing the impact on employee engagement and culture.

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