How leaders can build trust and drive employee engagement

Posted: 21-05-2021



The Ben Morton Podcast explores what it takes to be a highly effective leader in the modern world, digging into the art and science of leadership and providing listeners with tried and tested tips for improvement.


‘How can leaders build trust and drive employee engagement?’ was the topic for his recent session with our Managing Director of Client Services, Louise Breed. Ben invited Louise to share leadership lessons from 20 years of working in-house at large organisations such as M&S, HSBC and the Co-op, and to dissect employee listening trends gathered by the insights specialists here at Karian and Box.

Throughout the interview, Louise explores leadership techniques that are proven to drive engagement; including how to act (‘being prepared to get your hands dirty’), the culture you create (‘psychological safety is key’), the way you nurture workplace relationships (‘adult-to-adult always’) and how you approach communication (‘with consistency and authenticity’).

Louise also explains the fine balance between transparency and oversharing when it comes to communicating information – including the pitfalls of putting a positive spin on business issues – and reveals the interesting approach a leadership team took when employee engagement levels saw a drastic drop during a period of organisational change.

Tune into the podcast by visiting: Episode 34: Ben Morton Podcast - Interview with Louise Breed

How leaders can build trust and drive employee engagement
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