Susanna Holten


Susanna Holten - Consultant

Susanna Holten


  • My role in a nutshell…
    It's a consultative role where you get to work with the client and as well as internal teams on delivering some really engaging and exciting solutions. It differs from a Senior Consultant in terms of the level of accountability and responsibility.

  • The favourite part of my job…
    The people part, which is a very big part of it. It’s a nice feeling when you've made a difference to an organisation. When somebody comes to you with a problem and you manage to solve it together with the clients, it’s quite rewarding.

  • A typical day…
    It varies, sometimes you have loads of deep focus time and you’re really immersed in writing a really long piece, figuring out a solution to a problem. Sometimes it's more external facing, representing K&B in webinars, social media and pitching to clients.

  • A personal insight…
    Our roles provide a strategic lens, we look at a problem with critical thinking, and design solutions. Differing from project managers where they make sure that we deliver on time and keep the project on track.

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