Shakeel Ahmad

Lead Data Engineer

Shakeel Ahmed - Lead Data Engineer

Shakeel Ahmad

Lead Data Engineer

  • My role in a nutshell…
    I transform and present data into a meaningful and digestible format that will help clients to make informed decisions based on the presentation of the data. Secondly, I help junior analysts and analysts to grow their skillset and Power BI offering, which is what we offer to the client.

  • The favourite part of my job…
    Every day we have a new challenge, new tasks and new clients. We're going from retail to financials to housing, it’s a diverse client range. It's good when you work with different industries and different people, every industry has their own challenge. I think that’s my favourite part.

  • A typical day…
    Usually the day starts with a project team meeting to prioritise our tasks. If I’m building a model that day, I work on the back-end of the data, improving the model, checking for any errors and fixing those, ensuring it’s running smoothly e.g. like building a car engine. Then I’d hand it over to a junior analyst so they can build the front end.

  • A personal insight…
    When starting a project and resource planning, it’s crucial to include the specialists working on the back-end, they know how long things are going to take. Involving analysts at the start makes the process much more efficient.

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