Karian and Box volunteer in Lesvos – the team’s story

The team’s story:┬ásafety for a few, but more continue to suffer

Another day on the beach, and another dinghy full of refugees fleeing the war in Syria. Anyone who saw the haunting images of the starving families in Madaya cannot but understand the desperation of people fleeing war, hunger and death.

Millions remain in Syria, suffering immeasurably.

But yesterday, another dinghy did get through the many obstacles faced by the refugees in it.

Unlike the dinghy that collapsed last week (with four people drowning), this one got ashore safely after hours travelling from Turkey.

Numerous families were tired and cold and in need of high-energy fruit and juice. Our team helped with the task of welcoming the kids, some of whom were still frightened, and others bewildered.

Dan and Rebecca were especially good at comforting the younger ones, making sure they had warm clothes and food.

Lesvos Dan distributing clothes resized

It was a cold but clear day. The challenge for the next few days is that the weather is taking a turn for the worse, with heavy rain, sleet and snow forecast. The freezing temperatures will make it hard for the families making the crossing, and those in the camps.

But it is only one precarious step in the journey that many of these families will make. From Greece, they will trudge onwards to Germany, Sweden or other nations who have more willingly opened their arms and doors to them. But first, they have to navigate the bitter winter conditions of Macedonia, Hungary and /or Austria on the way.

As we said goodbye to those families we met briefly off the boats and in the camps, all of us wondered where they would end up.

What did the future hold for five year old Sami, one of the children we comforted, and the millions like him?




Posted on 25th January 2016 in Community
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