K&B volunteer in Lesvos — Feeding the (two) thousand

This is Rebecca’s story.

When we were introduced the the man in charge of the camp Kara Tepe, he told us that when people arrive they have four needs: “they are cold, they are hungry, they are tired and they are scared”.

The work done by the volunteers generally falls in to mitigating one of these needs. On my first day in the camp, one of my first tasks was to create the food packs.

By 3pm the food from the local catering company had yet to arrive. That meant over two thousand people who were now very hungry – having not eaten at all that day or not until very early that morning.

The food pack for two, when it did arrive, consisted of ten slices of bread, two cans of sardines and two bruised apples, packed in a small white bin bag.

Karian and Box lesvos blog 2 - food

It felt like the feeding of the five thousand — except with boxes of canned fish and a crate of long life bread.

I can’t say it looked particularly appetizing but I’ve never seen people so happy to receive what little was on offer. There was a 5-year-old boy tucking into an apple so bruised it would never have made its way into a fruit bowl with the joy of someone who’d been offered the biggest box of chocolates.

Clothes and shoes are distributed with caution to ensure that there is enough to go round without anyone being cold. Food, however, is a totally different story. “If they are hungry, feed them,” says the guy showing me the ropes.

To donate to “K&B volunteer in Lesvos”, please go to our GoFundMe page hereAll donations go directly to providing essential aid (food, supplies, clothes etc) to refugees.


Posted on 12th January 2016 in Community
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