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I landed in agency life almost nine years ago with my Moleskine notebook in hand and my imposter syndrome just about under wraps.

In that time, I’ve been mistaken for my MD’s assistant, been told to think about how I dress and been left hanging by a pinstripe-suited Area Manager, who looked me up and down with visible disgust when I arrived to interview him for a strategy project.

Without downplaying the unfair challenges that can face young women like me, I want to be honest about my experiences. Mine isn’t truly a story of fighting a rigged system. Yes, I’ve had low points and continue to battle the preconceptions of both men and women in positions of power, but what’s made the difference is a boss who’s always had my back. I’ve been given the space to show what I can do and why I’m the best person for the job, regardless of my gender and age.

Now, as my boss is male, some might say I’ve only had a seat at the table because a man has decided I deserve one. I can’t control whether this perception is fact or fiction, but what I can control is the positive action I choose to take. I’m proud to have helped build a business that bucks the trend on the gender pay gap. I’m proud to be part of a Senior Leadership Team with equal gender representation and to head up a team where strong women can become stronger.

It’s now up to me to continue doing everything in my power to give others the backing I’ve had. Watching what they do with it continues to amaze me and the best thing is that I know this is just the beginning.

Posted on 6th March 2019 in Capability&Culture&Leadership
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