thinkBites July 2017 issue is out – Build on it

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thinkBites July 2017 issue – How to make conference theory a concrete reality

Our latest thinkBites is concerned with how you make those back-of-the-napkin moments of inspiration actually work. We revisit many of the ideas and conversations from the HR and Directors’ Forum in May 2017, look at a series of crucial issues – employee empowerment, innovation, intrapreneurship, future workforce planning and behaviour change – and suggest practical steps to put the theory into practice.

Read about:

  • Power to the people – how to empower millennials and Generation Z without making the CFO cry
  • Find your Zuckerberg – free innovators buried in politics, red tape and overwork
  • Future perfect? -how to plan tomorrow’s workforce

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Or simply download the pdf here: Karian and Box thinkBites magazine Build On It July 2017

Join us on the next conference

The next conference is the Richmond Human Resources Forum on the 23rd November 2017 at the Four Seasons in London.

To recieve an invite to attend the Human Resources Forum please contact:

Sophie Katon, Delegate Manager,
Tel: 020 8487 2261,

Jack Richards, Delegate Manager,
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Hilary Fenwick, Conference Manager,
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Posted on 13th July 2017 in Creativity&Culture&Insight
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