Karian and Box volunteer in Lesvos

In January 2016, a team of colleagues from Karian and Box are travelling to Lesvos to volunteer to help refugees and migrants arriving in Greece from Syria and the Middle East. Karian and Box is funding the logistics and costs of the trip but are fundraising to provide aid for refugees and migrants in camps in Lesvos.

Any support you can provide would be hugely welcome. You can donate at our GoFundMe page and follow our team’s progress on our Facebook page.

Over the past year, the news has been dominated by the stories of the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe. In particular, the journeys being made by sea on makeshift rafts and overcrowded dinghies have come to illustrate just how desperate the situation is.

Predominantly from the Middle East, refugees and migrants are travelling thousands of miles to escape the conflict and violence in their home countries. There are thousands of people who choose travel by sea and do not make it safely across to Greece. But for many people, risking their lives in this way offers a better prospect than remaining where they are.

The majority of those who successfully make the crossing to Europe land on Greek shores.

Most of these people arrive on the island of Lesvos which, despite its size, has received 57% of the refugees and migrants moving through Greece.

Lesvos is overwhelmed. Reception centres are at four times their capacity, with women and children sleeping in the open at night and water and electricity supplies are under a great strain.

In January, a team from Karian and Box is heading to Lesvos to lend a hand where we can, and most importantly, to deliver aid gathered from our fundraising efforts to make sure it is helping people where it’s needed most. Karian and Box is covering all logistical and practical costs associated with the volunteering trip — upwards of £9,500.

This is where it would be great to get your support. We will be combining the sum of our fundraising contributions from our clients, friends, and our wider community.

Being in Lesvos, we will be able to see the situation first hand and maximise the impact our fundraising is able to have by channelling it directly to where it’s needed the most.

So please, if you can, give generously and we can make a little go a lot further.

Posted on 5th January 2016 in Community
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