Communications audit and
strategy engagement

How do you root a strategy campaign in what colleagues want?

The challenge

Following restructuring and the creation of the new Personal and Corporate Banking division, Barclays faced the challenge of reviewing its colleague communications and engaging its people with a new digital-centred, customer-focused strategy.

While Barclays did not suffer the same business impact as other financial services organisations following the 2008 crash, the brand had taken a hit in the media and there was a need to re-engage colleagues emotionally.

The solution

We always create campaigns back to front, from the perspective of the audiences that we want to inform, inspire and mobilise. Our team get together with our clients and ask: what will actually make a difference to the way colleagues think, feel and act? How can we make the killer argument which will get them moving in the right direction? Critical to this is identifying the communication needs and preferences of colleagues.